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Navigating the Course of Your Cybersecurity Journey

What is Risk?

Risk is the probability of something going wrong. Risk
tells you what will happen when it does. Risk can
destroy your business if you don’t properly
manage it. Risk can never go away, but
you can carefully manage it with
the right tools and people.

The Internet is a Battlefield

And you’re always under attack. Every business
executive wants their IT infrastructure to be
as secure and protected from disruption as
possible. But do you have the time, team
or knowledge to make that happen?


Are You Compliant?

There’s a lot of regulations out there – HIPAA, PCI,
SOX, GDPR. Do you know what regulations you
need to comply with? Are you actually
compliant? We’ll walk you through
everything you need to know.


Our Team's Always On the Job

No matter the time or day, we’re always protecting our
customers. Featuring 24x7x365 coverage using state-
of-the-art SIEM tools, we’ll be on top on issues
whenever they arise. Our dedicated team of
analysts and engineers get down in the
weeds to protect your network, yet
talk to your C-suite in terms they
can understand, so you’ll always
know what’s happening.


of all cyber attacks hit small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

Sources: a, b, c


of SMBs go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack


of IT security professionals don’t believe they have adequate resources to manage risk

About Secure Compliance Solutions

Secure Compliance Solutions is the trusted security advisor for Chicagoland’s small-to-medium businesses. We offer a variety of services that promote a strengthened security posture and a culture of compliance. Our solutions include: risk advisory services, strategic cybersecurity planning, security and privacy awareness, regulatory guidance, penetration testing, and managed security services. We tailor our engagements and solutions to align with your cultural needs and business objectives; not the other way around. We keep your appetite for risk, budget constraints, and timeline in mind to define strategy and operational tactics that maximize your return on investment. At SCS, we help you navigate the course of your cybersecurity journey.

Our Services

Technical Consulting Services

Expert assistance in designing, implementing, and securing your network

Strategic Security Consulting

Pentests, disaster recovery planning, and other ways to protect your business

Security Compliance Services

Expert guidance on today’s most important laws and regulations

Managed Security Services

24x7x365 constant watch of your entire environment

Interested in learning more about our services? Have a question or comment? Feel free to get in touch.