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A Quick Linux Server Hardening Checklist

So I've recently had to lock down a public-facing CentOS server. Always a fun process, as I'm sure you know. When all was said and done, I created a quick checklist for my next Linux server hardening project. I'm of course keeping it general; everyone's purpose,...

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GDPR for the Rest of Us

In the days following the latest Facebook scandal, in which we learned that Cambridge Analytica collected and misused the personal data of potentially 50 million American Facebook users, we have seen: A large social media trend, #DeleteFacebook, Facebook's estimated...

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GitHub Hit with Largest DDoS in History

On February 28th, 2018, GitHub reported that it experienced the largest DDoS attack on record, with a maximum volume of 1.35Tbps. The GitHub Attack Process Many applications use a memory caching system called "memcached". Administrators set up a memcached server in...

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Extreme Weather, Cyber Attacks: Are You Ready?

Extreme Weather WILL happen. Cyber Attacks WILL happen. WILL You be Prepared WHEN they strike?? In this blog, I compare cyber threats and natural disasters to explain why a cybersecurity strategy is an important component of business risk management. You can take a...

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