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The Privacy Evolution – Adopting GDPR


The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) modernizes the legal landscape regarding privacy and security that was due for meaningful change in the digital age.  Following a series of high profile, worldwide data breaches, implementation of the law is timely.  EU Data Protection Authorities intend to enforce the law on behalf of its residents around the world; assessing sanctions and huge fines to violators of GDPR’s Privacy Principles.   With so much attention and effort paid by organizations to bring their privacy programs up to speed, GDPR has quickly become the global privacy gold standard; regulating business and government collection, use and protection of personal data, not just for European entities, but any worldwide organization that provides goods or services to EU residents.

American companies are facing a complicated future. Where Europeans historically recognize privacy as a basic human right, American enterprise frequently compromises individual privacy rights, in favor of driving higher profits.  The time is now for business and government to accept a new reality – that individual privacy rights matter, and loose management of privacy is no longer acceptable.  As individuals become increasingly aware of their privacy risks, American companies have to commit to new business models that honor stakeholder privacy as a mechanism to drive brand loyalty and long-term business growth. The cultural transformation will be complex. The cost associated with non-compliance should justify the cost and effort.  In this paper, we explore a common sense approach to integrating the Privacy Principles into business operations.

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