Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

“How can a hacker break into my network?"

A penetration test (or “pentest”) answers this question by simulating a real-world attack on your environment.

In a formal pentest, SCS will sit down with you and define the scope of a pentest – what systems you want tested, who should know of the test, success conditions, reporting standards and details, and any other pertinent information. Our team will then put on their “hacker hats” and try to hack into your system. We will utilize state-of-the-art tools to gain access to as many parts of your network as we can, with the goal of compromising machines or finding sensitive data. Afterwards, we will write up a report detailing our findings and what can be done to remediate them. Our pentest process allows for you to remediate any issues we find. We’ll then test again to verify your efforts

Customized Testing Approach

Your working environment and system requirements are different. Our years of experience give us the ability to tackle a diverse range of systems with a fully customized penetration testing procedure. We approach pen testing as a positive challenge to explore as many security flaws in your system as possible. Discuss your requirements with our team and acquire the services of SCS as one of the finest penetration testing vendors in the industry.

In-depth Pen Testing for Maximum Output

From social engineering to technical security issues, we design test cases to explore all possible flaws in your systems in terms of security. An ordinary pen tester with no industry experience cannot explore all hidden security loopholes. It requires high-grade tools and testing expertise to make the system free from as many security breaches as possible. We keep updating our testing tools to keep up with the modern security measures.

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