Security Awareness Training

A 2017 study of Small-Medium Business (SMB), conducted by the Ponemon Institute, found that 54% of all data breaches were caused by negligent employee behavior, which may be accidental (the subject of a phishing attack) or intentional (data theft).  “Insiders” may be:

  • Negligent users
  • Careless or uninformed users
  • Malicious users (espionage, malicious activity)
  • Insiders are impossible to secure (the one data container that cannot be secured)
  • Start as trusted employee, who has become disenfranchised

The one common factor is that at some point, the Insider held authorized credentials to access your systems environment.

Security Awareness is a vital component of a security strategy.

  • We educate employees about cyber threats and what cyber attack indicators look like.
  • We teach personnel how to respond to attacks, report suspected Incidents and provide them with tactics to protect your organization’s interests and their personal identities.
  • We inform personnel of strategic and operational practices you have implemented to defend your organization and comply with regulatory requirements.