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Tag: hack

Alteryx Joins the Data-Breach Club

Alteryx, a data mining and analytics firm, just disclosed it accidentally exposed the personal details of over 120 million American households. This data included the

Nicehash Confirms Theft of Bitcoin

Nicehash, the cryptocurrency mining company, has confirmed the theft of over¬†4,736.43 Bitcoin, worth over $75 million at today’s prices. What We Know On Wednesday, December

Forever 21 Suffers Credit Card Breach

In yet another episode of the eternal conga line of breaches and thefts, Forever 21 recently announced that hackers stole credit card data from their

The KRACK Attack

The KRACK Attack Researchers out of KU Leuven recently disclosed a major vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol. The attack, known as KRACK, works by forcing

Equifax Hacked, Again

Equifax Confirms Yet Another Hack Oops, they did it again? Earlier today, the credit reporting agency Equifax took one of its webpages offline. They confirmed