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Tag: security

Best Practice in Security Layers

Security layers are Security Best practice. No one type of security provides a complete security solution. This report focuses on network segmentation. The separation of

Nicehash Confirms Theft of Bitcoin

Nicehash, the cryptocurrency mining company, has confirmed the theft of over 4,736.43 Bitcoin, worth over $75 million at today’s prices. What We Know On Wednesday, December

Security Tech Today: Monero

From time to time, we at SCS like to discuss newer or lesser-known security technologies, bringing them into the light to use them – or

The KRACK Attack

The KRACK Attack Researchers out of KU Leuven recently disclosed a major vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol. The attack, known as KRACK, works by forcing

Patient Records Exposed in New Breach

Patient Health Records Exposed The fun never ends in the cybersecurity world. Researchers at Kromtech Security Researchers recently disclosed the existence of yet another insecure

The Accenture Data Leak

The Accenture Leak A few days ago, Accenture, the IT consulting giant, confirmed it had exposed sensitive information to the public internet. The finder, Upguard,

Equifax Hacked, Again

Equifax Confirms Yet Another Hack Oops, they did it again? Earlier today, the credit reporting agency Equifax took one of its webpages offline. They confirmed